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Heelr's Founder

Sabrina’s Story

Illustrator and designer Sabrina Smelko recognized it was time to take a dramatic step towards her wellbeing after being diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and Hashimoto's thyroiditis at 26 years old.

Taking control of her health, happiness and well-being meant leaving her lucrative job as an HGTV host in Toronto to first pursue her certification in Yoga and breathwork. Afterwards, she began studying Astronomy, Botany and Herbalism, but it wasn’t until she nixed her toxic collection of personal care products and swapped them for natural, holistic healing methods that she truly began to feel and see a transformation in her health and happiness.

Thing is, finding affordable natural solutions that delivered effective results proved difficult — so Sabrina developed her own! After formula-crafting with a local Vancouver aromatherapist, Sabrina launched Heelr in 2021 to share her natural products and practices to help others take healing in to their own hands.

Sabrina’s Daily Ritual

"I use all of these products as part of my self-care practice, every single day!"

Copper tongue scarper

In Ayurveda, removing toxic buildup from the tongue in the morning is vital to overall wellness!

Sweet Pepper Perfume Oil

I love to roll this botanical oil on my neck and wrist and pat it into my hair as a perfume.

Goldenface Facial Oil

Twice a day, I use Goldenface and I’m obsessed with how soft and glowy my skin is after.

Floral Mist Toner

Multiple times a day, this gets spritz all over my face and skin to refresh and hydrate me!

Chill Out Therapy Blend

I roll this on if I have a cold, a headache, a sore neck or need to calm anxiety. I keep one by the couch and one at my desk!

Natural Bristle Dry Brush

I use this in the shower before I start the water. Spending a few moments brushing energizes your body like nothing else!

Heelr Embroidered Sweater

Made from extra-soft organic cotton and recycled materials, I live in our relaxed, unisex sweater.

Anyone staying at Lake Placid Lodge will also enjoy free use of some Heelr goods!

where to shop

Since our start, we've been an online shop!
That said, we offer free local pickup from Heelr HQ, and free delivery on all orders over $100. A few local stockists also carry a small selection of our goods:

Creekside Health

110-2059 Lake Placid Rd, Whistler
+1 (604) 962-2447

Wild & Heart

38036 Cleveland Ave, Squamish, BC
+1 (604) 898-4102

Central Wellness

19 Northside Rd, Holyrood
Newfoundland, A0A 2R0

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