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Podcast Episodes to Soak In If You Want To Perfect Your Skincare

Podcast Episodes to Soak In If You Want To Perfect Your Skincare

Do you have a skincare routine, but are still searching for that one perfect product? Look no further! We've rounded up the most recent podcast episodes featuring some of the top doctors, estheticians and holistic practitioners in the biz who reveal just how important facial oils (such as Goldenfaceor rosehip oil (one of the main ingredients in Moisture Miracle and Jasmine Vitamin Serumcan be to your overall complexion.

Not only do these celebrated professionals explain why gua sha and facial massage with good ingredients can help improve your complexion - they also get into all kinds of tips and tricks on mastering their craft. Time now to unlock radiant beauty from inside out! Shop our plant-powered, effective and gentle face care products.


The Dream Bigger Podcast - Episode 181

On this episode, host Siff Haider welcomes holistic esthetician Jade Marie to discuss the importance of natural vs. clinical skincare, how to use holistic healing as a part of one’s beauty routine, and the connection between spirituality and skin health. They discuss why facials oils should be part of your daily skincare routine, why less ingredients is more, and the benefits of incorporating holistic healing modalities such as meditation and yoga into one’s lifestyle for improved skin health. 

The Expanded Podcast - Episode 226

This episode with Kristina Holey features an in-depth discussion about the importance of microbiome health and its influence on skin care and the integral role that gut health plays in achieving clear, healthy skin. They also discussed how diet, lifestyle changes, and topical treatments like a great facial oil (hello Goldenface!), can support skin health.

What's The Juice - Episode 23

Host Olivia interviews Dr. Fitzgerald about how to reverse your biological age by hacking your epigenome, the importance of methyl-donor nutrients found in whole foods such as beets, eggs, leafy greens, mushrooms, and seeds, the power of methylation adaptogens like quercetin, circumin, resveratrol, and green tea to support our bodies’ natural ability to repair itself. Exercise and sleep are also highlighted as foundational pillars for reversing our age, and to finish off the episode, they offer their takeaways on how rosehip oil and facial oils can help enhance our beauty routine while simultaneously nourishing our skin from within.

The Human Upgrade - Episode 995

Host Dave Asprey and Andy Hnilo chat about maintaining a strong skincare routine, the science behind skincare products and their efficacy, how to cleanse properly and get the most out of your products, as well as how to layer skin care recipes for different skin types. The podcast also covers the importance of UV protection, exfoliation, cleansing brushes, hydrating ingredients and other tips for maximizing skin health.

What's The Juice - Episode 15

In the podcast What's The Juice Episode 15 with Olivia and Nadine Artemis, they discuss how to achieve healthy skin through topical microbiome protection. They explain why stripping the skin of its natural oils can prevent it from functioning properly and suggest using an oil cleansing method instead. Additionally, they explain why sunlight is essential for healthy skin and recommend avoiding sunburn by supporting the mitochondria with nutrients, red light therapy, and gradual sun exposure. Moreover, Nadine suggests putting therapeutic oils on dental floss for direct delivery to gums and between teeth. Ultimately, this podcast provides helpful information about how to create a healthy balance between skincare and self-care to achieve optimal skin health.

Almost 30 Podcast - Episode 443

In this epispode, hosts Krista and Lindsey chat with skincare specialists and founders of CLEARSTEM, Kayleigh Christina and Danielle Gronich, share their knowledge on facial homeostasis and how to achieve it. They discuss hormonal triggers that can lead to breakouts and explain why washing your face with hot water is bad for your skin. Additionally, they provide nutritional acne facts, such as how eating too many scrambled eggs could have a negative effect on your complexion. The experts introduce their product that is geared towards both anti-aging and fighting acne in a gentle yet effective manner. Their conversation leaves listeners armed with knowledge on what practices are beneficial to keeping their skin healthy, clear, and beautiful.


The Blonde Files - Episode 224

Pro-tips for your best skin ever with celebrity-aesthetician Candace Marino - better known by Hollywood as “The LA Facialist”. They discuss all things skincare including: how to protect and repair the skin barrier, what non-negotiables everyone should have in their routine, what order to use products in, the best products and regimens for common skincare concerns including acne, hyperpigmentation and aging, best skincare for the body, her magic wand treatment for perfect skin, and lifestyle factors to consider for your best complexion.

Plant-based, Not Perfect - Episode 171

Plant-Based Not Perfect episode 171 with Tammy Fender, known among beauty editors and celebrities as the holistic skin guru, is a podcast dedicated to discussing how to maintain healthy, glowing skin through natural and holistic methods. Tammy shares her journey starting at a cosmetics counter and researching the labels and ingredients back in 1995, which propelled her towards searching for answers in plants and nature. From there she became an esthetician so she could better understand the skin topically to help her clients address their needs in a natural yet effective way. 

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