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Dry Brush Your Way to Wellness

Dry Brush Your Way to Wellness

Garshana, commonly known as dry brushing has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years to restore the body and vitality.

The best time to dry brush is in the morning, or before your regular shower. You may wish to stand on a towel or in the shower as dead skin cells can be sloughed off in the process.

As a general rule, brush toward the heart to assist the natural movement of lymph and apply as much pressure as comfortable. Exert more pressure in fatty tissue areas and brush gently on sensitive areas. 


  1. Begin at your feet and brush upwards with firm, vigorous, but not forceful strokes, up your shins & calves
  2. Use circular motions around your knees, and long gentle strokes again on your thighs
  3. Use a circular motion again on the buttocks and on the stomach, moving clockwise around your navel
  4. Brush in circular motions again around each side of the chest. (This is a very important area as we have hundreds of lymph nodes under our arms and around the sides of our chest)
  5. Brush your arms beginning at your hands and stroke toward your torso
  6. Use circular motions around your elbows and shoulders
  7. Brush your back and sides with upward strokes
  8. Remember, be gentle, work your way toward vigorous dry brushing, don’t over brush sensitive areas
  9. Once finished, shower to rinse off any remaining residue, and for the most radiant, glowing skin, now is the best time to apply a body oil or butter…

May we suggest our Holy Grail Bath & Body Oil or Body Butter?! With Essential Oils of golden turmeric, frankincense, and myrrh, these formulas help boost collagen, reduce inflammation, moisturize the skin, relieve joint pain and more.

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